Framing Needlepoint Lace Method

Many times, people do not wish to use "power" tools such as staple guns.  For those who would like to omit such items, you may want to try lace method.  The end results are the same but instead of a staple gun, you will be using needle and thread.

You will need the following tools and materals:

   Large needle






   Razor blade

   White fabric

   Heavy thread

   8 ply acid free / museum standard board




Measure the needlepoint to determine the size of the frame required.


Cut board to fit the frame, making it 1/8” smaller on all sides to allow for canvas folds.


With scissors, cut white fabric 4” larger than the board. Place the board on top of the fabric and fold two opposite sides over the edges.

With a long piece of carpet thread and a large needle, begin in the middle of one side, making zigzag stitches back and forth along the sides of fabric.

Repeat the stitches in the opposite direction.


Repeat this on the other two sides of fabric.

Whip stitch the four corners to secure.

Fine the middle on each side of the needlepoint and covered board. Mark a line for future reference.

Match the lines on the board and needlepoint to align the gird. Secure with clothespins.

On the underside, make zigzag stitches back and forth along the sides of the canvas just like you stitched the fabric.

Here you see the finished product.  You should have zigzag stitches running horizontally and vertically on the board.

Insert the project into the frame, secure and cover with brown packing paper. 

Hammer a nail 2/3 up on the right and left on the underside of the frame, and then attach wire. The picture is now ready to hang. 

Lace Method for Round Needlepoint

The lacing method can also be used if the needlepoint and frame are round.  The technique is a little different but with practice, your project will come out smooth and square.


To begin, you will need the same tools as used before.  Your 8 ply acid free / museum standard board should be 1/8" smaller on all sides as the inside of your frame. 


Cover the board with a small scrap of white fabric. 


Place the board onto the fabric and make zigzag stitches traveling around the board.  You will want to use a long length of carpet thread.

Repeat the last step using needlepoint.  Clothespin the needlepoint in place and zigzag just like you did before with the fabric. 


When you have finished attaching the needlepoint onto the board, place in a frame and enjoy.