Ray Stitch

Getting Harder

Uses:  Clothes, Foliage, Roofs on buildings

Start at the upper left corner and bring your needle out of the canvas.  Return to the underside at the lower left corner.  Your next stitch will be beside the first stitch.  Come up at the top left side next to the last stitch and return into the same hole as before.  You will repeat this until you reach the right hand corner. 


When this has been accomplished, you will now travel down the right hand side.  All the stitches will go down the canvas in the same hole. 


To stitch the second row, you may need to use your finger nail to push the horizontal stitch back so the needle can pass through the canvas.


For lovely stitches, you may want to create a hole on the lower left side by twisting your needle in the canvas or poke with a knitting needle.


This stitch count is accepted for Master Craftsman for Canvas Embroidery by The Embroiderers' Guild of America.