Determine the Persian Wool Coverage

Persian yarn requirements, for proper coverage using Basketweave, can be found on the following charts.  This yarn is a three-strand divisible yarn which is approximately 65 inches long.

You will find Persian yarn as:


       Knot:  10 strands cut into 30" lengths with a total of over 8 yards


       One eighth (1/8) Pound:  has 9-10 knots which are cut


       One-forth (1/4) Pound:  uncut yarn which is about 172 yards


Because no one works with the same tension, the tables are to be used as a guideline for your needlepoint projects.  Please add 10% extra for waste and errors.  Always purchase your yarn with the same dye lot.

Persian Yarn Coverage for Ten to One (10/1) Canvas

Persian Yarn Coverage for Fourteen to One (14/1) Canvas

How To Convert For Eighteen to One (18/1) Canvas

Measure your canvas to determine the square inches needed to be covered.  Divide this number by 3 to get the quantity of strands required.  When working on eighteen to one canvas, you should use shorter lengths.  Cut the strand in half and thread your needle.  When doing this, you will tie off more frequently and use more yarn.  Always add a couple of erxtra strands to the required amount needed for your project.

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