Determine the Tapestry Wool Coverage

The following charts list the average usage of tapestry yarn for different counts of canvas using Basketweave stitch.  Tapestry yarn is a tightly twisted strand which cannot be divided, resulting in a smooth, hard wearing stitch.  Because no one works with the same tension, the tables are to be used as a guideline for your needlepoint projects.  Please add 10% extra for waste and errors.  Always purchase your yarn with the same dye lots.

Anchor Tapestry

Anchor Tapestry:  This yarn is slightly heavier than DMC or Appleton.  Anchor comes in 10 meter (11 yards) skeins.

DMC Tapestry

DMC Tapestry:  DMC (Laine Colbert) can be found in 8 meter (8.8 yards) and 39 meter (42.7 yards) skeins.

Elsa Williams Tapestry

Elsa Williams Tapestry:  This tapestry yarn has the same numbering system as Patternayn Persian Yarn.  It is available in 40 yard skeins and 1 pound (1200 yards) cones.  Please note:  40 yard skeins are no longer available.  This is here for those who have them in their stash.

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