Shisha Acorn Method Stitch

Needs Thinking

Uses:  Details, Flower Centers, Sun, Spot lights on stage

Shisha mirrors, from India, are thick mirrors with a washable backing which is a blue color.  Traditionally, the mirrors would have thick hand blown glass with a metal onto the back.  They would then be broken up into workable sizes.  Shapes and sizes would vary.  As you can see on the side photograph, air bubbles and imperfections occur.  The mirrors are washable. Also, they are bleachable and boilable.  If needed, the item can be dry cleaned.

Jewels, beads, mirrors or other items you wish to attach to the canvas can be applied by using the Acorn method. 


To attach, the first row of stitches follow the exact shape of the item.  With the mirror held in place where you want it, bring your needle up to the top of the canvas.  (See left side of the illustration)  Come up as close to the mirror as possible.  Make a series of loops all along the side of the mirror by working Back stitches around the mirror.  Do not pull the thread snugly.  Do not return the needle to the canvas after the first row has been laid. 


For the second set of loops, make a series of loops in the previous set.  (Right side of illustration)  Continue to add loops until you have the desired depth around the mirror.  Weave the thread through the loops to reach the edge of the mirror.  After you tuck the thread under the canvas, tie off.