Arte's (Arte Johnson) Stitch

Getting Harder

Created by Arte Johnson

Uses:  Buildings, Walkways, Sky, Clothing, Foliage, Rolling Hills, Backgrounds

This stitch should be created with as many odd colored threads you can find which is appropriate for the area in which you would like to fill in.  (Example, green for fields and foliage, blue for sky)  Place all your odd threads into a bag, and without looking, grab the required amount of strands you need to fit your canvas.  Thread your needle and stitch.  You may have combinations of shades of blues, or browns or grays, ect. 


Work diagonally, stitching from top to bottom.  If you run out of thread, find two more, thread up and continue to stitch.  Stop at the end of each row. 


You will want to change color combinations for each row.  Never turn around and start another row with the same thread combination.


This stitch is a great way to use up all the odds and ends in your thread stash.