Bullion Knot Stitch

AKA:  Caterpillar Knot


          Grub Knot



          Porto Rico Rose





Getting Harder

Uses:  Hair, Animals, Foliage, Borders, Details

Bring the needle and thread out at 1 and back down at 2.  Leave a loop.  (Step 1)  Come out of 1 again, but this time do not pull the needle completely through.  Wrap the thread around the needle several times.  (Step 2)  With your thumb and index finger, hold the thread around the needle.  With the other hand, pull the needle out of the canvas and insert again at 1.  Pull the thread completely through, and finish with a rounded knot.  (Step 3)


Practice this stitch to get pleasant, even, rounded knots.  The size of the stitch is determined by the distance between points 1 and 2.  Depending upon the number of times you wrap the thread around the needle, the knot can either lie flat on the canvas, or be curved.