Bargello Stitch

AKA:  Cushion





          Patterned Satin

Getting Harder

Uses:  Mountains, Clothes, Fields, Clouds, All over pattern for pillows

Volumes have been dedicated to this stitch.  Bargello is a family of stitch patterns that use strong up and down movements on the canvas.  Patterns and color combinations are endless.  Bargello stitches are distinguished by their flat and strong stitches that lie either perpendicular or parallel to the canvas threads.  You would never see diagonal stitches in a true Bargello.  The number of canvas threads over which the yarn travels is determined by the motif, and can range from two to eight.  Color combinations are also up to the artist.  A family or group of matched tones can create a striking pattern. 


Think of Bargello as an accent stitch for a backgound.  If the other stitches are in Tent, Bargello can transform the project from eveeryday to special.  Try a motif in Bargello with the background in Continental, Half Cross or Basketweave.


This sample has been created into a doll's house pillow.  For complete instructions, please click here.