Astrakhan Velvet Stitch

AKA:  Pile




Getting Harder

Uses:  Hair, Foliage, Birds, Animals, Fuzzy things

To begin working on Astrakhan Velvet, you will start on the lower portion of the canvas.  Each row will be worked on the next two canvas threads up.  Also, it would be best to work all the areas around the velvet first.  The loops are hard to work around.


Look at the graph above.  You will see red lines and blue ones.  To create this stitch, first create a loop by coming up at 1 and back down at 2.  Be sure to create a loop as you do so.  Now, with the same thread, create a cross on top.  Come up at 3, down at 4, again up at 5 and then return the needle to the underside of the canvas at 6.  Your next stitch is sitting right next to the last.  Repeat the number sequence.  


Did you notice the gray line on the graph?  If you want even loops, use a thin knitting needle to measure the size of the loops.  Once the row is finished, just remove the knitting needle and start again.  All rows should be worked from left to right.


Remember to work from the bottom of the canvas to the top.  The dots on the graph indicate the correct placement for your next row.