Cross Stitch Tramé

AKA:  Tramme



Uses:  Counted cross, Trame` adds padding and durability

Often, a needle artist wants to work a counted motif.  But, you may not want to be counting while inserting the final stitches.  Cross Stitch Tramé is a convenient way to place your design's entire count on the canvas, so that you do not have to take the graph with you every time you needlepoint.  Once you have threaded the long, thin threads through the cavnas, you are through with the graph, and the entire count is on the canvas.


Use the graph to count out the rows of color.  Then, on the canvas, make long, simple stitch, marking the appropriate length.  For example, if the graph shows that you must make four blue stitches, pull your blue thread to the top of the canvas, cover eight canvas threads on the canvas, and then return to the underside.  (Note:  you need two canvas threads for one cross.)  Continue doing so with the next color until the row is finished.  Check the illustration above.  Cross Stitch Tramé thread  should be thin.  It is used for counting purposes only, not coverage.  After you finish  counting and marking the canvas with Tramé thread, work the crosses on the canvas.  Notice the number count in creating Cross.  Work the entire row before proceeding onto the next.


Because the Tramé gives padding to the stitches, the end result is a very hard wearing cloth.  This is great for chair seats, rugs or pillows.